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Remember the old addage "One mans Junk is another mans Treasure"

well this saying still holds true today

So if you have any old items that you might consider junk
think again....because your Item might just be the Treasure
someone else is looking for.

For instance and old car could be considered as a piece of junk
and yet someone might be looking for a particular part
for this exact model. There are many good parts like
motor, gearbox, starter motor, alternator plus all the doors
and panels etc.

The same with old furniture, you might be sick of looking at
the old chairs or the old buffet, book case or coffe table and think
I got to get this stuff to the junk yard.
But again there are people that would love to restore
these Items, maybe give it a modern look by simply
painting or staining in a different color.

Now you could help us to build an Interesting Auction site
for all Bargain Hunters and Treasure Seekers.

List your Items with a low starting price of 99 cents to generate
maximum interest in your goods You can set your
Reserve Price, Buy Now Price, length of Auction
even a Swap deal is possible.

We are currently giving away FREE Credits for you to
LIST and SELL your goods for Free.

Simply sign up for your free Membership today.

Should you have any Questions please contact us
at anytime. We are only an email away!

Hope to see you soon

Regards, Sam Koch (Admin)

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